Tactical tips for Space Wing: Void Patrol

Players' contributions to Void Patrol tactics

Some players have decided to share their opinions and suggestions on Void Patrol tactics. You can find the discussions on the forum, Thanks for the contributions!

Building a good fighter

Watch the orange boxes! All fields marked by orange boxes contain multiple choices. Choose the best one in each!
Thrust is important. The average fighter has a thrust of five: know that if you have much less than that, you will have to face more manoeuvrable fighters! Also consider that you can lose thrust as a special damage when you are hit, and that a fighter with a thrust of one or two is merely an inertial target (the ones used by thrust-school rookies).
To get a high thrust, you need lots of power: consider buying a very expensive power plant.
Armour is as important as shields are. Prefer the cheap pieces.
Weapons with the same range/damage code are usually just as effective. If you don't have strong personal preferences, choose the cheapest!
Missiles are much more powerful when there's no rocks around!
Choose your drives last. They usually have comparable prices, and often you can get one extra unit of thrust by choosing the right one.
Cultural differences. Apart from the different g-max factor, terrans and aliens have very different technologies. Terrans have slightly more powerful power plants, worse shield and better armour. They usually mount lo-tech weapons: lasers and Old-Fashioned-Cannons. Aliens, on the other hand, usually use weapons that are more effective against powerful shields, Quark-Gluon-Plasma and Lightning-Bolt guns. In fact, the technology of these last two weapons is almost unknown to terrans, the only QGP and LB guns mounted by terrans are in fact salvaged from destroyed alien fighters.


Listen to the radio. Always try to coordinate your manoeuvres with your wingmen.
Avoid asteroids. They hurt. A missile strike is preferable to a direct asteroid strike.

Five ways to run from a missile

Get an enemy fighter bewteen on the missile's path. The missile will strike him instead. Run away fast. If an enemy is closer to the missile on the beginning of the next round, the missile will lock on him instead. Manoeuvre behind that asteroid, so that the missile will go berserk against it. The other two known techniques are advanced, they're there for you to find out!