Space Wing: Void Patrol fighter charts

Load the different fighter sheets, and compare them against the advanced fighter prices.

Reload with the advanced / terran / alien / comcon / imperian current prices. If you need help, you can hover with your mouse pointer on the element names, and you will get some hints about what the different items are for. If you are looking for inspiration or want to load a specific chart, just pick one:
Pick a fighter to load By type: project. Load this fighter!
In specific game , load unit with id Load this fighter!
Note, however, that if you are trying to load a project including items that are not available to a advanced fighter, those will not be loaded.

Technical sheet
Elementchoose masspowerprice
? hull
? cockpit
? propellant_tank
? powerplant
? spinners
? thrusters
? drive
? armour
? shields
? weapons_1
? weapons_2
? weapons_3
? weapons_4
? weapons_5
Tactical sheet: This contains all the fighter's game data. Only the numbers in this sheet are relevant for game purposes.
Please wait while the tactical sheet loads.
The field "man. code" condenses the fighters' thrust, thrusters (S/D), spin cost (1/2) and g-max (3/4) in a single code.
Estimate ?
Indicative full combat value

Initial fuel consumption: If you choose IMT drives, you will start the game with between 2 and 5 rounds of fuel consumed. If you choose IVT drives, you will start the game with between 10 and 25 pulses of fuel consumed.

Estimate fine-tuning

Select the skills of the character you are going to use. +0/+0 is the base value (for not using a character).
Gunnery: Piloting: