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[ivlivs] 2 2 12 (I surrender!) 9 X
[rdc46341] 1 1 9 (I surrender!) 5 X

Game history:

Turn 4 run on 2019-02-17 20:08:12, that is 4days 3h 6m 24s ago.
Relevant events

(0) Deploy units
(1 and 2) Transfers and skirmishes
(3) Invasions
(processing invasion results)
(4) Advance
(5) Return and disband
Turn 4 run on 2019-02-17 20:08:11, that is 4days 3h 6m 25s ago.
Automoving players moved by the system.
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From rdc46341 to (public) on turn 1 (2018-02-19 22:52:47, that is 367days 21m 49s ago). Subject: .

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