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You are looking at game 7180, turn 18 is running. Displaying map during turn 5

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playertotals, turn 18current diplomacyaggression, turn 5
imdog 16 26 92 (no mercy!) 15 X
sanantonioguy 0 0 0 (no mercy!) 12 X

Game history:

Turn 17 run on 2017-12-20 17:39:53, that is 1015days 21h 58m 25s ago.
imdog: "no mercy!!!"
sanantonioguy: "no mercy!!!"
Turn 17 run on 2017-12-20 17:39:53, that is 1015days 21h 58m 25s ago.
Relevant events

(0) Deploy units
Deploy: 25 units assigned to Saudi Arabia.
(1 and 2) Transfers and skirmishes
(3) Invasions
Invasion: India (4) --> Indochina (5/5), deals 2 damage, receives 2 damage (claims)
Invasion: Saudi Arabia (33) --> India (0/0), deals 21 damage, receives 0 damage (claims)
(processing invasion results)
Bounce: India () bounces on Indochina.
Claim: Saudi Arabia claims India with 33 units.
(4) Advance
Advance: Saudi Arabia conquers India
(5) Return and disband
DISBAND! 2 bounced units returning to India were disbanded!
Evaluate the odds for with units: Go!

Messages in forum:

From imdog to on turn 17 (2017-12-18 5:19:31, that is 1018days 10h 18m 47s ago). Subject: gg .
this turn should be the end game. Thx for playing. Actually AoW is best at least 3p and up.
From imdog to on turn 13 (2017-12-09 15:47:30, that is 1026days 23h 50m 48s ago). Subject: .
but each AoW each turn takes so many times. Especially at the mid and end of game. Too many territory to handle.
From imdog to on turn 12 (2017-12-09 9:37:36, that is 1027days 6h 42s ago). Subject: .
also you can check the moves for the others using the game history. And there you can see the other's move
From imdog to on turn 12 (2017-12-09 9:34:11, that is 1027days 6h 4m 7s ago). Subject: . .
example, if the place have 5 unit, if attack by 2 place, then each side will have 2 army (round down), however if attack by 3 place, the army defense for each side is only 1 (round down). I think Neko have write a explanation about that. And also you take all adjacent country, like Israel, you take Egypt/ Saudi Arabia/ Trukey all, Israel will produce 3 unit instead of 1. So this game is to about conquer place as fast as you good in the 1st few turns, then is about how to arrange your army. Also you see there is difference between Intrigue and no intrigue game. so for players more than 2. 2 player will negotiate to form alliance, If you have played Diplomacy then you will know. But this game is much simpler than Diplomacy and simplified it already. As diplomacy involved a lot of negotiation. This game may just exchange a few message and then all is about resource allocation. and fight with different unit allocation.
From imdog to on turn 12 (2017-12-09 9:27:00, that is 1027days 6h 11m 18s ago). Subject: . .
I saw you accumulate force and not attack every turn. Actually this game if you attack a place with joint force it is much more advantage than only 1 place.
From sanantonioguy to on turn 12 (2017-12-08 17:12:56, that is 1027days 22h 25m 22s ago). Subject: .
ok why is your aggression so much higher than mine and what is that in game terms?
From sanantonioguy to on turn 1 (2017-11-28 5:02:00, that is 1038days 10h 36m 18s ago). Subject: .
I'm not sure I've ever played this... I play it on goldtoken but not alot.I'm not getting htis :S

From imdog to on turn 1 (2017-11-27 11:38:54, that is 1039days 3h 59m 24s ago). Subject: greeting .
I didn't play this for almost 13 months. haha

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