Privacy policy

e-mail. Your own e-mail address will in no case be disclosed to any other member or third party. We do allow members to send or receive mails through our site (if they wish so) but neither the recepient's nor the sender's e-mail address will be disclosed---in a nutshell, we never (willingly) reveal members' e-mails.

passwords. When you register, we will send you a randomly-generated password. You can change your password by editing your profile. Remember that it is not wise to use the same password for different sites and/or e-mail accounts. Whatever our (and your) efforts, we will not be able to achieve the same level of security as your bank's site. We decline all responsibility in case of security breaches disclosing passwords used by players on multiple sites.

cookies. You do not need to enable cookies to access this site. We do employ cookies to make it easier for you to keep your username and password between logins, but you can use your browser's password manager to achieve the same result.