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Thoughts on ZwZ tactics...

Message 294, 6193d 3h ago.
Every player will always have different views on tactics. This is what makes the game good. It is probably just luck, but as I've climbed to the top of the stats pile, I thought I would share my ideas...

1) I believe in using a full compliment of weapons. We have been blessed with 3 gun pods, so use them. It doesn't matter how strong the ship in front of you is, if it takes a hit from 2 or 3 barrels it will pop!

2) In an Arena game, range is the most important factor. If they've got range 4 and you have range 6, a few spins around the central rock should get you a win...
-ALWAYS have power spinners in an arena, I'll let you argue with that after you've lost some thrust and only have light spinners...

3) In an asteroid field, you can use light spinners and a little extra thrust. There is more space to avoid collisions so tight turns are not so important.
-NEVER fire off missiles amongst an asteroid cluster, or if the opponent is more than about 8 hex away. They'll never reach their target.

4)Heavy armour is more effective than big shields. Armour ranges from 50 to 140, shields have a small absorption range (40% to 70% I think). If you look at the rate the prices increase in the armour and shield lists - shields waste money.

5)A well placed early missile strike works wonders. If you get it right, your opponent loses thrust and armour making him an easier target. After a good missile strike, a light fighter becomes a sitting duck.

6)You don't always have to move/change course...

Feedback welcomed



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Thoughts on ZwZ tactics...

Message 298, 6193d 2h ago. In reply to message 294.
I think these are good suggestions. Remember, though, that prices are determined by demand and offer! So if you sponsor some construction style, it might soon get just too expensive!

Btw... I prefer heavy armour with power spinners, and strong shields with light spinners. I try to maximise protection if at all possible... and I'm currently fond of the single-QGP-6/100 design, especially in scenarios with a lot of fighters around...

Shields are not so bad: 75-points shields protect TWICE as much as 50-points shields, in fact. Take, for example, a direct hit from an OFC 6/100: You will get 50-points with 50-points shields and only 25-points with the strongest shields... that's why they take up so much power! (And that is the reason why you cannot afford to take them with power spinners and low powerplant.)

I will soon add a new rule that will change things a bit... I must decide the last small details, I hope you will like it...



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Thoughts on ZwZ tactics...

Message 299, 6193d 1h ago. In reply to message 294.
shields are not so important if peoples (read "me") never hit you (read "Sven")... but for unlucky people (read "me") it's not so important too.. one shot at 20% will alwais hit you , and with 20% of losing a thruster you'll always lose it...

oh damn damn damn Murphy >:I


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