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New VP factions

Message 724, 5935d 21h ago.
I have decided at last to implement the changes to VP I have been working on in the last weeks. These bring several changes:

1) the rule "levels" have been rearranged. Standard games now include dual thrusters and straight 0/8/150 weapons, but no missiles. Missiles and inertial grenades are reserved for advanced rules.

Soon, a new "experimental" rules level will be added, to test some new game items and mechanics

2) Two new factions have been added: comcon (Commonwealth of Constellations) and imperian. These are available only in advanced games.

Currently, comcon fighters are characterised by power spinners and dual thrusters (!), lasers and lb's, but rather poor defense. Comcon pilots have excellent piloting skills.

Imperian fighters are fast and heavy but not much manoeuvrable. Their preferred weapons are QGP's, OFC's, and lots of missiles. Their pilots have excellent gunnery skills but are usually poor at piloting, relying on their above-average armour and shields.

Because of the changes in standard games, terrans and aliens cannot currently use missiles. In addition, alien fighters are now blessed with cheap dual thrusters.

3) the available weapon slots have been increased to 5. At the same time, the frequency of missiles available in advanced games has been greatly increased (almost doubled). So, if you will leave some times for the prices to settle, you will see much more missiles in the new games.

4) more in general, I have made many subtle changes in the item frequencies, masses and power costs. You should notice a bit greater freedom in choosing different designs. I hope you like this.
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