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Ship Design for the Idiot [just like imdog]

Message 69, 6513d 22h ago.
Neko is too busy to start this guide, I just do part of the work. Correct me if anything wrong

[Course Objective]
To build a cost-effective ship

[Things ahead]
30 mins spare time
Account in
Fluent in English (at least u need to know what I am writing)
Using two screen to follow what I am saying

[What u expected]
To build a ship that can fly a few turns.

1. Open three windows. One for this guide (A) , two for ship comparison (B&C)

2. In windows B, create any thing u want within 1000.

3. In windows C, follow the step below, don't worry. I will explain every thing I know so far.
a. Hull, propeller_tank, cock_pit, you don't need to worry, coz there is no choice at this moment

***b. Power plant, equvilanet, the Heart of a ship, if pilot is brain. Power Plant is the heart, it is damn critical for a ship. If budget allowed, maximize it, it worth for your every dollar spent.

**c. Power spinner, means how good the ship manuver is, the reaction time. Analogy, for a office lady, she turns and react quite slow(coz less exercise), but for an athelete, you expect he turns very quick. If budet allowed, use the highest standard. A ship with thrust of 6, but with spinner 2 means he need to use 2 mov to make a turn. It is the crucial factor to say whether this ship is a figher or gunner.

**d. Drive, the speed of your ship, need less to say, higher the better.

Well, weapon, shield, armor is just all plain fact.

Spoiler, Warning!! neko will shot me for telling you the secret of building the ship. But As it is so important. I must confess acutally I am the creator of this rules (just kidding, neko do all the maths privately )

Normal People priority
Defensive: PowerPlant >Drive >Shield,Armor > Weapon> Spinner
PowerPlant >Drive > Weapon> Shield,Armor>Spinner
PowerPlant >Drive > Spinner >Weapon> Shield,Armor

But Actually, there is only one Winning Piority for the current system (an average fighter) (1 vs 1) (team play is another story, you will have a range of combination. Zwz requires much much higher team work then Blue Max)

PowerPlant >>>Drive, Spinner >>>Weapon,Shield,Armor

PowerPlant is god damn important that you need the highest standard no matter what cost.

Drive and spinner is for your Personal preference.

Weapon, shield and armor actually is not quite important for the following reason.

1. You will have a min. at least. You will have armor, and shield of some class. You can't have a plane with no armor and shield (at least for the basic version, I don't gurantee if it will implement in the 1.023 RC2 version

2. At least you got a Main weapon (missle is exception, it is only a sub-weapon), you can fight. Though there is 3 slot, but you don't need to fill that up.

for a 1 thrust heavy metal(just like a bristol), you won't survived long if u don't get some guards (light fighter )

A light figher/submarine can fight alone, but never a battle ship or carrier. Hope u know wht I mean.

Basic understanding.
1. Avoid 4-hex-weapon, if budget allows, 1 6 hex weapon >> 2 or even 3 4-hex-weapon. Only if you have so much money to spend and slot is allowed, forget it.

2. In choosing weapon, Range >>>>>>>>>>>> Damage. Don't trust the extra damage deal with short distance killer. For a fast-light-6-hex-ranged-fighter. You never have chance to approach it. Imagine it is a snipe or SS III/IV in BlueMax turns, or Mosquito with long range attack in the Nature, An elephant thought to himself that his skin might thick enough to fight agianst an mosquito, but now the needle of mosquito is 10 m long..... You know what I mean.

Okay, stop bs, test it yourself. buddy.


Enjoy flying, no matter in 1917 or 2407

Parker aka imdog

The next question comes to you mind is ... wtf are u talking?
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