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Void Patrol: characters

Message 624, 5269d 13h ago.
Now you can create characters in Void Patrol.

When you join a game, you can either join with an ordinary pilot or with a character (you will be prompted to choose fter the game starts).

Characters are created by clicking on "my characters", top-right corner.

Characters start with -1 on gunnery and -1 piloting.

Every kill grants the character an experience point. Every time you are involved in the death of a wingman, you lose one experience point.

Experience points can be used to boost your gunnery and piloting. Current prices:

1 point to go from -1 to +0
2 points to go from +0 to +1
3 points to go from +1 to +2 (gunnery only)

Skill and experience system is temporary. Suggestions are welcome, of course
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