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Helmet-mounted sights

Message 327, 5611d 9h ago. In reply to message 326.
First of all, thanks for expressing your opinion

Maybe you are right when you say that letting all weapons shoot twice, or preventing all weapons to shoot, involves a lot of luck. So, if this doesn't work, I'll substitute the HMS procedure with bonuses/penalties on normal shots, based on thrust.

The main idea, however: having modifications based on thrusts and turns, is to reward planning ahead and not sheer luck.

These are the ideas behind this:

<b>Turns</b>: If at the beginning of a round your final position is more or less behind the enemy's, s/he will have to turn round, and s/he'll have a huge disadvantage on shooting. So you are encouraged to try and get behind the enemy's back.

<b>Forward moves</b>: When you thrust forward, the penalty for shooting is lower that the penalty the enemies have to shoot you, so moving is encouraged! This should encourage more dynamical play.

Let's just playtest this for a few days, and see what happens! If this is a disaster , I'll revert the whole thing to more traditional bonuses and penalties on shooting

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