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VP 1v1 Tourney 2012!!!

Message 2341, 3691d 10h ago.
Alright, now that the site is working again, lets kick off a VP tournament to celebrate (and get some more games going!).

Tournament Rules:

The tournament will have a simple 1 vs 1 round-robin format. Each player will play two games against each other player, starting once on each side of the map. The two games can be played simultaneously.

Games should be played on the "default" asteroid field with "advanced" rules. When creating the two games to play against an opponent, please be sure to join a different team in each one. (That is, join team 1 in one game and team 2 in the other.) It does not matter which player creates the games. Designing custom fighters is encouraged, but not required. The budget is the standard 1000 points. Games should be played "for stats", so be aware the prices for components may change and you may not be able to use the same custom fighter design throughout the tournament.

If your opponent's fighter is destroyed, you will get two points (this includes destruction due to asteroid collisions or going out of bounds). Forcing an opponent to retreat is worth one point, half of an outright win. Getting destroyed or retreating yourself are both worth zero points. If multiple end-game conditions apply simultaneously, the results will be averaged (so if both fighters are destroyed on the same turn, each player will get one point, the average of 2 and 0). This might, in rare cases, result in half-points being awarded.

Whoever gets the most points over the course of the tournament wins! If there is a tie for first place, the tied players' head-to-head records will be used as a tiebreaker. If that is also tied, they will play additional "sudden-death" games in the arena until the tie is broken.


One of the nice features of this tournament structure is that games can be started immediately as players sign up. If you want to join, just say so in this thread. You can then create games against each of the players who had signed up before you. Be sure to mention the player the game is supposed to be against in the game's "Comment" field!

Signups will close one week from today, at Midnight GMT on November 5. I've created a spreadsheet at which I'll update with results as they come in.

And finally:

Have fun!
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