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Experimental game 6 - The Great Beacon Race

Message 2320, 3673d 1h ago.
Experimental game 6 - The Great Beacon Race

The Great Beacon Race circus has settle in this part of the universe. All the top pilots are gathered here for this mega race of the century which is held only once every 20 Earth years.

Four beacon drones are spread throughout the universe and waiting to be shoot to space dust. The pilot that finish first isn't automaticaly the winner. Is that all? No Sir, there is more!

- Dense astroid map.
- Custom fighters.
- Any equipment is allowed up to 850 points total.
- 4 Drones, one of each race.
- Beacon drones aren't armed (they carry no weapons.)
- Beacon drones will fly each to a position on the map and try to stay there.

Round the map by shooting down the drones in numerical order e.g. Unit1 first, then Unit2, Unit3 and as last Unit4. Shooting the wrong unit will disqualify the pilot automatically. At the end of the race the one with the most points wins. A Kill is one point. When 2 or more pilots make the kill then each get 0.5 point. The Great Beacon Race is over when beacon drone 4 is shoot down.

The commitee reserves the right to change the rules while the race is taking place.

Good piloting!


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