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Experimental game no.5

Message 2302, 3323d 2h ago.
Lost on patrol

The High command orders a reconnaissance mission to rebel space. Word is out that the rebels will test a new propulsion system. Three reconnaissance vessels leave their base to start the misson to retrieve intel about this engine. Despite the warning of the SpaceWeather station that there are huge positron storms coming up the ships enter the jumpgate area. The ships entering the jumpgate and.... are never heard from anymore.

The Imperial ships have to salvage one of such engines and bring it back. Concrete this means that they have to shoot down 1 ship before fleeing from the scene. If one Imperial ships manage to flee then the mission is considered succesfull.

Only level 1 ships will be are used
Since this is a reconnaissance mission deep inside rebel territory the Impire will use a few captured ships to lessen the change of detection.
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