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Experimental game no.2-I

Message 2288, 3829d 3h ago.
Convoy attack

Senator Ashay Rey did bail out just in time when the last raiders pulverised his luxiourous yacht. With his escape pod he reach a nearby system that proved to be friendly to

the Empire. Deterime as he is he made plans to continue his trip to the party.

Each team of 4 vessels has 3720 (4x 930) points to spend on fighter design.
The team of the senator will the senator will spend a total of 3720 points on the whole team.
And being the Empire they may choose from all equipment.

The rebel fighter is limited to these figures.
Value : 930 points max.
No range 8 weapons allowed
No missiles (Rockets are allowed)

Intelligence info
The rumour has it that the Senator will travel this time in an unmarked trade vessel.
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