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Experimental game no.2

Message 2284, 3904d 19h ago.
Senator Ashay Rey likes to live in luxury and so are his travels. He's is invited to attent the execution of

Swqaryiq, the so called freedom fighter. He's looking forward to all of this since it will stop the pesky little

riots that spawn all over the Empire.

Our goal
Our goal is to make sure that the Senator makes it there.

The opposition's goal
They want to prevent that at all cost.

Each party will start at one end of the map. If the Senator exits the map on the other side then the escort is

successful. If not, well... then stronger measures are needed agains those who are agains the Empire.

Althought the upper limit of credits spend will be higher i would ask to spend 974 or less credits on your fighter.
Remark : This is done to let the Senator travel in luxury. The support vessels are 974 Imperian class escorts.

The Sentator seems to travel in a yacht that's well protected against all shorts of impacts. The measures taken are still unknown at this point. The engine signature gives us an impression that the Senator travels with one of his older class yachts which has a known lesser capable drive system. The escort will consist of 3 Imperian class escorts vessels.
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