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Experimental game no.1

Message 2282, 2810d 9h ago. In reply to message 2281.
AshayRey wrote:
The playtest is finished
The privateers won with just a few hull points left. Barely enough to bring him home alive so no loot this time.

After match thoughts
I thought this went reasonable. Any thoughts about adjustments, if any?

as adjustment i would say no to advanced rules due to the coloured chits stuff.
for the rest it has been a good experiment.

now we could try others scenarios.

"attack the convoy" seems to me one of the most playable and intresting.

one variant could be "block the convoy" : to let to the "convoy controller player" to re-deploy the convoy from the other side and then begin the real combat with assaulters working to avoid the "escape" ( = retreat ) of the "mothership".

assaluters have to re-deploy from the other side as well.

it would take some time and some and obviously during the re-deployment both sides have to move being sure to dont have in line on sight any enemy units, but it could be funny.

anyway i thoughy we could can make multiple accounts as for example "pier.2", pier.3" etc so we can play like player vs player with 2 or 3 fighters per player in scenarios like these.
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