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Experimental game no.1

Message 2271, 3842d 4h ago.

I want to try out a few experimental setup(s) This is setup 1 of 4 i came up with. If this is succesful them i am willing to setup and try the other idea's i have. Please note that i will setup the game with 'not for stats' so you can participate without fear of loosing your current ranking.

The imperian goverment have setup a testing fascility in out space. Because the project is so sectret that no one knows where it lays. It just happens to be that a small group of privateers stumble upon this refurbished astroid and sees it as easy prey. Despite it's friendly looks it's is a heavely defended fortress to crack.

One player, me in this case will take control of 3 ships. For this i will create 3 additional accounts called Fort 1, 2 and 3. These ships(forts) will be place in space in such way that they are touching each other and form a triangle. Thoughout the game these ships will stay stationairy. Please allow tho fortress player to line up the ships before attacking. The privateers may pick any ship they like or build one of there own with the provided funding.

The goal
The goal for the privateers is to raid the fortress and to destroy it.
Obviously for the fortress player the goal is it wipe out the attacking ships.

The fortress player will keep track of the score since it will be a bit different then usual. Each single hit counts as a point. In case of the destruction of a ship or fortress turret the points are inflicted equaly.
One fort turret have 6 points left
3 ships are firing at the turret and dealing damage
Ship 1 : Laser 25 points
Ship 2 : Ofc 1 point
Ship 3 : Laser 15 points.
First round each ship deal 1 point damage (total 3 points) and score 1 point each
Second round only Ship 1 and 3 deal damage and score 1 point damage (total 2 points) and score 1 point each
Third round.
The fortress only has 1 point left but impact happens simultaniously and it can't be determined who's shot did the kill. Because of this both ships will earn 1 point each. One player is just lucky there.
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