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VP rules overhaul

Message 2255, 3988d 16h ago. In reply to message 2248.
BlckKnght wrote:
neko wrote:
<lots of new rules>

Hmm, the threshold and variable damage mechanic is pretty interesting, but the die rolling mechanic seems to make it hard to estimate your performance. For example, the odds of getting to a threshold of 7 when rolling a D4 is 1/16 (you need two 4s in a row). If you're making a really extreme shot and the threshold is 11, your D4s still have a little over a 1% chance to hit (it's exactly 3/256: you need 3 fours in a row (1 chance in 64), followed by a 2, 3 or 4 on the fourth roll). On a D6 those odds would be 5/36 and 1/36. Thinking about calculating those odds during a battle is giving me a headache.

Calculate the odds? ah - thats where I have been going wrong!

Hmmmmnnnn.... do you think we could have an option with more rocks? (and less missiles)?

Also maybe an option for a limited subset of ships?

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