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VP Defense Optimizer Spreadsheet

Message 2207, 3365d 23h ago.
Hi TakeAPlayers,

For many months I've been using a spreadsheet to pick out the best armor and shield combinations for my custom VP fighter designs. I've recently converted the spreadsheet into a Google document, so now anyone can try it out. You can find the sheet at:

The document is set up to only allow me to edit it, but if you have a Google account you can create a copy for yourself with just a couple of clicks. If don't have an account, or if you'd prefer to work offline, you can also download the spreadsheet as a Excel or Open Office document. While I haven't tested that that it converts perfectly, everything (except perhaps the conditional formatting) should work in any modern spreadsheet program.

I hope that the way to use the spreadsheet is clear, given the directions at the bottom of the main page. Just fill out the yellow boxes and it will show the legal defense options in the grey boxes. When it use it, I often find myself tweaking various design parameters on the fighter design page and feeding the power, weight and budget values back into the spreadsheet to find what armor and shields are available. Eventually I figure out an optimal design that doesn't waste much left over performance or money.

I think there may be a few cases where you can spend exactly 1000 credits in the game, but where my spreadsheet thinks you'd have used 1001 (and so it doesn't allow it), but that's the only unfixed bug I know of at the moment (it's due to rounding issues, especially with armor). Let me know if you find other buts or things that don't work as expected and I'll try to fix them.
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