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Borderline Skirmish : workin on a VP team-wargame

Message 2169, 4560d 11h ago.
VP wargame idea

a) 2 Factions : Feudal Era of the Void's Warlords = free races
the old powers are gone, the old empires ruined and fragmented into thousands of little realms, ruled by tryrans.
pilots of all races are now serving the rising warlords as foreign legions of mercenarians,
so evryone has freedom of choice.
Two lists of players set up by experience and statistic levels to have balanced teams.

-only characters
-only customs

- Victory-Point ( VP ) based campaign : each match give points related to the following results
1 enemy fighter took down = 5 VP
1 enemy fighter forced to retire = 2 VP

the wargame represents a skirmish conflict on the border between the realms of two rival warlords.
This conflict is represented by a certain numeber of matches.
I'm quite oriented to do a long wargame, something like 10 matches 3 vs 3 should be good to start, this game is slow so we are not hurry.
The faction who scores more VP points at the end of all matches wins the conflict and the wargame

-Resource based campaign.
The faction who gains control of the battlefield at the end of a match, gains automatically 100 Debris Points Bonus ( DPB ) for each enemy fighter destroyed ( not for retired fighters ).
DPB can be used by this faction as bonus for building the customs for the next matches.
DPB represents that the faction who stand in the field at the end can take and recycle the wreckages of the enemies.
Doesn't care what player will be designated to employ the DPB, the team must set up someone or to share the bonus among the players ( discussing it in the forum in apposite threads or in the chat box ).
If the DPB isn't used in the next match, it is considerated as “stored” and can be used in further matche.
If the DPB is only partially used, the rest ramins obviously stored and can be used then.

It's clear that even if the wagame final result depends for the VP, in the medium and long run the DPB factor can probably decide the conflict, that's why i spoke of a resource based campiagn.
from the other side, if the faction lower in DPB will be able to hold on dispite this disavantage it can whatever to win.

Example of a match
Faction 1 : players A, B and C
Faction 2 : Players D, E and F

Final results:

Faction 1 : took down D and F >> gains 10 Victory points
B and C retired
A killed

Faction 2 : took down A >> gains 5 points
D and F killed
E took control of battlefield.
Forced retires of B and C >> gains 4 ponts
E gains Dps for the team : 100 building points ( from the wreckages of A )

Team 1 scored 10 VP
Team 2 scored 9 VP but gains 100 building points bonus for a further match

so Team 1 got a slight tactical advantage respect to Team 2, but left to the enemy the wreckages of a mate giving to Team 2 a slight construction bonus.

this is just a starting idea
post suggestions thx


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