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NEW! VP Scenarios

Message 1588, 5193d 17h ago.
I have finally found the time to develop VP scenarios.

In each scenario, each side only has fighters from the same species: all Terrans, or all Aliens, and so on.

Each scenario is always played on the same map, with the same starting positions.

Now we can have unbalanced scenarios, putting together a different number of fighters from each side. ELO rating odds is computed seperately for each fighter in each scenario.

We have five scenarios at the moment:

Duel: Spark vs. Dragon
A duel between a Comcon Spark and an Imperian Dragon in the Arena!

Early war: Aliens vs Terrans
Two Alien Arrowheads take on three Terran First on a small empty field.

Outnumbered! Dragon vs. Terrans
One Imperian Dragon takes on a wing of Terran fighters: two Wasps led by a First. Played on a sparse field.

Late war: Aliens vs Terrans
Two Terran Sparrowhawks face against an Alien Avatar and Avatar Mk. II on a thick field.

Imperian vs. ComCon mix-up
An Imperian Dragon, Catapult and Javelin face off against a ComCon Spark, Thunderbolt, and Fireball.
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