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Increased AI in target choice routine

Message 152, 6243d 21h ago.
So far, the system chose which fighter you shot at (if you had more than one in line of sight) by simply taking the nearest one. This is particularly bad if you are using QGP guns.

Now the system evaluates the target's "attack value" (AV) and chooses the best target among the possible ones. The current AV routine does NOT take into account the target's shields, armour or damage already sustained.

The target's characteristics will be taken into account at some time in the future, you will probably have also some control over who you would like to shoot at. Consider e.g. the case in which you could deal a lot of damage to an undamaged fighter, or not so much damage to a badly damaged fighter (with a higher probability of destroying it): you will have some control over whom you should shoot at.

Needless to say, this new feature allows for some drastic changes in the current "advanced mode".

Stay tuned


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