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AoW: removing two borders

Message 1421, 4215d 19h ago. In reply to message 1413.
Zarby wrote:
BlckKnght wrote:
Calsir wrote:
For that, either you build a map of the eastern united states, going west until you fill your 30 states requirements.

This would be pretty close to the region of the American Civil War. There were 33-35 states at the time and several of them could be left out due to being too far west (California, Oregon, and maybe Texas and Kansas) or merged into their larger neighbors (Delaware, Rhode Island, and maybe New Hampshire and Vermont merged with each other).

Virginia should probably have West Virginia split off (as happened during the war), and to avoid too much geographic isolation in the west, Oklahoma Territory (and maybe Nebraska Territory, too) should be added if Texas and Kansas are kept.

I like this idea. You can use the lakes to connect New York to Wisconsin. If you don't use Texas you can use the Mississippi river to connect Louisiana to Missouri. Gulf of Mexico to connect Louisiana to Florida. North Atlantic connects Boston to Delaware. South Atlantic connects Florida to Virginia.

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