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AoW: removing two borders

Message 1402, 4931d 5h ago. In reply to message 1401.
Calsir wrote:

If looking for balance, it makes sense. However, the main balance issue of European maps is that they have corners and don't allow for flanking manoeuvres to befall on well dug armies on those corners.

Do you think it would be better to have more borders, instead of less??

The bridge between Germany and Scandinavia is very short, and I really don't see how a removal could be justified. As for the Den-UK, its removal would be sensible, as Norway is actually closer to the British mainland and the islands have no bridge to Germany.

AoW is not anywhere close to a simulation anyway. The purpose is to make the map more balanced: in most of the games I am in, the winner is whoever gets Gibraltar.

Since we are talking borders & territories, I have a few opinions and doubts about the world map (45 territories).

1) Why is there a bridge between Siberia and Canada?

To de-emphasise the continents and allow for more varied enclosing possibilities.

2) Since there is a South Africa - Argentina link and a Chile - NZ link, what about adding some sort of Pacific Islands territories linked to Japan, the Philippines and the USA?

We added those connections to avoid the "corner syndrome" of the Europe map. Otherwise, in standard (non-fill-the-map) games, players starting in opposite corners would not interact.

We were thinking to add a "Polynesia" or "Hawaii" territory a few years ago, but Marcuza came up with the current map. I think it could be a nice idea though.

3) Europe is divided into plenty of small territories, the same could be done with the USA... Or at least it could be split into West Coast and East Coast, or even East, South, North West and South West. The same could be done with Canada. This way wars in America could be as interesting as wars in Europe.

We tried to keep the current "main" (whatever that means) states intact. We had to break up Alaska, Siberia and Kamchatka to make the map look better and more playable.

Next time you ask for opinions, think twice about it .

Your opinions are appreciated. I think what we need most is an "average" map, though. Something with about 25-30 territories.
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