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New AoW Surrender

Message 1073, 5729d 11h ago. In reply to message 1072.
neko wrote:
Sabelkatten wrote:
How about this: At the end of a game, the victors get a (small) bonus for each surrendered but still surviving enemy?

That way you don't leave the losers alive just because you're nice, you actually get something for your trouble!

For zero-sumness to still hold (a necessary condition for ELO to be meaningful), we would need the winner to take more points from the players that are still alive and less points from those that are eliminated. This might make it better to be eliminated than to survive?

Kill em all and let god sort them out later.


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The outcome corresponds less to expectations in war than any other case whatsoever
- Livy

We make war that we may live in peace
- Aristotle

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