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New AoW Surrender

Message 1069, 5668d 13h ago. In reply to message 1067.
Silverman wrote:
How about if you surrender in AoW, you automatically drop out of the game?

Thanks for the suggestion I have doubts about your specific proposal, but it's given me an alternative idea, which would partially solve the problem you outlined.

Your suggestion

This would make it almost impossible to be eliminated from the game, since everyone would surrender before being eliminated.

In ELO rating, a distinction was made between surviving and surrendering, so that players have secondary goals besides winning/entering a draw. This helps reduce the "kingmaking" component of the game. This way, losing players will concentrate on surviving, instead of exacting revenge on the player who defeated them.

There is a payoff, as you say, since the game has to slow down and wait for the surrenderers to move.

My proposal.

But your proposal has given me another idea: introduce a second surrendering option. You can either surrender normally, or surrender & automove. With the second option, you voluntarily enter automove in that game.

There is a minor technical problem though. In free-placement games, automovers forfeit new units creation, but in auto-placemnet games automovers still get their units automatically. But I guess we can live with this problem.

Opinions, anyone?
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